As good as new, only cheaper.

The basic concept is reprocessing: Up to 60% of all exchange parts can be reused at the end of their stated life. Each exchange part is subject to the same quality quality guidelines as a new BMW part and the warranty lasts for 24 months. 95% of all parts that are not prepared immediately are recycled. It pays off – for the environment and your wallet: BMW exchange parts cost up to 50% less than new parts. Please note: until further notice the REMAN part/exchange part delivered or sold might be a new part in the context of stock adjustments.

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Original BMW Generator.

Small, light and powerful: An Original BMW Generator is a real performer. Able to withstand vibrations with an acceleration of up to 80 times that of gravity, stable up to a voltage of 350 volts, it offers a particularly long service life thanks to its sophisticated design. Each Original BMW Generator is precisely matched to the performance characteristics of a BMW and its solid construction makes it the ideal exchange part - with the same quality and performance features as a new part.
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Original BMW Starter.

Maintenance-free for up to 50,000 starts, matched especially to each engine type for reduced fuel consumption and suitable for use even in extreme conditions: there is only one word to describe Original BMW Starters – reliable. Temperature-resistant from -40 to +100 degrees Celsius, perfect protection from corrosion and dirt due to their design and made from the highest quality materials.
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Original BMW Water Pump.

An active contribution to maintaining the value of other vehicle components: Original BMW Water Pumps remain absolutely reliable even under extreme temperature conditions. Tailored to the specific engine, precisely machined and intensively tested, they are characterised above all by their long life. Even at 7,000 rpm and after 100 hours of continuous testing, they must not lose more than twelve gram of water. So the only time that you will see an overheated engine is when you pass one.
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BMW Automatic Transmissions.

Sporty driving characteristics at the highest level: Original BMW Automatic Transmissions always use state of-the-art technology and have an optimum spread of gear ratios to offer a convincing display of acceleration. They have a higher starting torque than manual transmissions. All components are perfectly coordinated because this is the key to the typical BMW driving dynamics. And to make absolutely sure, one million kilometres of test driving precede every series release. How far do you want to drive?
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