Public information. BMW Promotion of Access to Information Manual.

1. Overview


In the interests of compliance with the South African Promotion of Access to Information Act, BMW South Africa offers you the opportunity to review the relevant manual prepared by the company; review the prescribed fees associated with requesting the information outlined in the manual, and to print a form to be completed and faxed to BMW South Africa should you wish to request this information. Request for access forms should be faxed to: 012 522 2209. Payment for these records should be made to BMW South Africa before a request for access can be fulfilled.


2. Introduction


The COMPANY conducts business as a manufacturer, importer and exporter of motor vehicles, motorcycles, automotive components and lifestyle accessories for onward sale to dealers and/or customers.


3. Company Contact Details


Persons designated/duly authorised persons:


Legal Services & Compliance Director: Charissa Hector

Postal address:
P O Box 2955
Pretoria 0001


Street address:
1 Bavaria Avenue
Randjespark Ext 17,
Midrand 1685


Telephone numbers:
(012) 522-2232
(012) 522-3000


Electronic Mail Address:


Payments should be made to:
BMW (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd




a. The ACT grants a requester access to records of the COMPANY, if the record is required for the exercise or protection of any rights. If a public body lodges a request, the public body must be acting in the public interest.


b. Requests in terms of the ACT shall be made in accordance with the prescribed procedures, at the rates provided. The forms and tariff may be accessed under prescribed form and prescribed fees.


c. Requesters are referred to the Guide to be compiled by the South African Human Rights Commission, which will contain information for the purposes of exercising Constitutional Rights.


The contact details of the Commission are:


Postal Address:
Private Bag 2700,
Houghton, 2041


Telephone Number:
+27-11-484 8300


Fax Number:
+27-11-484 0582



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5. Company Record Classification Key

Classification No.

6. Summary: Records Availability

Departmental Records
Classification No.

1. Form of Request

To facilitate the processing of your request, kindly:

i. Use the prescribed form, available on the Website of the COMPANY at the following address

ii. Address your request to the Legal Services Department.

iii. Provide sufficient details to enable the COMPANY to identify:


a. The record(s) requested;
b. The requester (and if an agent is lodging the request, proof of capacity);
c. The form of access required:

  • The postal address or fax number of the requester in the Republic;
  •  If the requester wishes to be informed of the decision in any manner (in addition to written) the manner and particulars thereof;

iv. The right which the requester is seeking to exercise or protect with an explanation of the reason the record is required to exercise or protect the right.

8. Prescribed Fees


The following applies to requests (other than personal requests):


i. A requestor is required to pay the prescribed fees (R50.00) before a request will be processed;

ii. If the preparation of the record requested requires more than the prescribed hours (six), a deposit shall be paid (of not more than one third of the access fee which would be payable if the request were granted);

iii. A requestor may lodge an application with a court against the tender/payment of the request fee and/or deposit;

iv. Records may be withheld until the fees have been paid.

v. The Fee Structure is available on the website of the COMPANY, at the following address

9. Access to Prescribed Forms and Fees, see links below.


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