The first-ever BMW 2 Series Convertible.

LESS LIMIT. MORE SKY.The first-ever BMW 2 Series Convertible.

Basic Model


Top speed in km/h


Acceleration 0-100 km/h in s

6.1 [5.9]

Rated Power in kW /Rated Engine Speed in rpm

185 /5200

*Figures for automatic gearbox displayed in brackets, when different from manual.


Laid-back looks and compact proportions define the first-ever BMW 2 Series Convertible. Its extroverted design language with short overhangs, powerful contours and a muscular rear reflect a self-confident nature. The Luxury Line, Sport Line and M Sport packages as well as a comprehensive range of Original BMW Accessories add a further depth to its character. The BMW 2 Series Convertible follows nobody, it strikes out on its own, and the BMW M240i is captures even more of that impulse. With its M Performance TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder petrol engine, it unleashes the dashing side of the BMW 2 Series Convertible. Not only does it speed up the airstream, it takes driving pleasure to an exhilarating new level.


Lines & Equipment for the BMW 2 Series Convertible.

It can be a stylish companion, elegant athlete or exclusive trendsetter. It's up to you to decide what sort of character you want to give your BMW 2 Series Convertible. With BMW Models and Equipment, three different design variants are available in addition to the basic equipment version. Uncompromising sportsmen can also opt for the M Sport package. With additional packages as well as Original BMW Accessories available to further highlight your individual style.

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The BMW 2 Series Convertible is inspired by summer. With its soft top open, the front has an even more self-confident appearance, with more athletic-looking shoulders and a more muscular-looking rear. Even when closed, the BMW 2 Series Convertible impresses with its dynamic contours and sporty proportions. Its colour contrasting soft top lets its key talent come to the fore, throwing caution to the wind and appealing to all the senses. The BMW 2 Series Convertible guarantees maximum driving pleasure.
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Driving Dynamics and Efficiency.

The dynamic drive system of the BMW 2 Series Convertible and innovative BMW EfficientDynamics technologies unite uncompromising power and maximum efficiency, resulting in a perfect combination of contrasts. The BMW 2 Series Convertible brings manoeuvrability and agility directly to the streets. Whether in the ECO PRO Mode or with a sportier driving style, its an impulsive, spirited package that will appeals to all your senses.
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*The published fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures are established according to legislated technical specifications (UNECE Regulation 101/UN Regulation 83 and SANS 20101 standards), which sets out the procedures that are used to measure the CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. The claimed figures are established using specific tests under standardised, carefully controlled conditions and may differ from consumption achieved under real world conditions with the influences of altitude, road surface, geographic conditions, vehicle options, temperature, humidity, tyres size and driving behaviour amongst others.

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