DIY BMW family games to play at home

An evening full of games with your partner, or a classic round of board games with the whole family, could be just the right thing to distract yourself in times of corona. The best part is, you can print out these BMW DIY games at home and start playing right away. Saving lives has never been so easy: Just stay at home, and prevent further contagions.

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#StaySafeDIY BMW family games to play at home

Are the kids driving you crazy at home? Then let them play our games like crazy instead! To brighten up the cozy days at home and keep the kids busy, we have two BMW themed games for you: “The Big BMW Race” (2-4 players) and “Find the Pair” (2-8 players). All you need is a printer, scissors and dice. You live alone? That still doesn't mean Game Over for family game fun. You can play “The Big BMW Race” with friends via video call, provided that all sides have a dice and only one person is operating the game board. And please, stick to the rules of daily life as well. Stay at home and help contain this pandemic.

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We know there are more important things than talking about cars and mobility right now. For BMW, as a globally active brand, the health of our customers, fans and employees has top priority. We will act accordingly, with confidence and solidarity. We are still here to do what we do best: Bring you Joy, and brighten your day, even in these times. We will all get through this, together. Stay safe.
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You can download “The Big BMW Race” here.

  • The Big BMW Race: the rules
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First you can print the front of the paper. Then take it out of the printer, turn it around and print the backside on the same paper.

You can download “Find the Pair” here.


  • The rules

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Author: Nina Kleine-Vogelpoth